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Brian Dumont is a guitarist & musician since age 11. Now upcoming as a fresh solo artist at the age of 20, Dumont has had a wealth of experience performing live with local LI bands of varying genres. To accompany this, he also attended Long Island High School for the Arts in Syosset, NY to study jazz and popular music, and continues his studies at Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY. As a result, Dumont's style embraces a wide range of influence from many different genres, from Rock to Jazz, Pop, Blues, Country, Metal, and beyond.

Dumont's first EP "Greener Pastures" was recorded the fall of 2014, and released winter of 2015. Featuring his performance as a vocalist, performing all guitars; most notably the Pedal Steel Guitar which he had only began playing for two weeks prior to the "Greener Pastures" sessions in September of 2014. This release showcases not only Dumont's ability as an instrumentalist, but as a songwriter, as all of the songs were composed and arranged by himself. The songs portray a very unique blend of pop structure and integrity, while still offering a fresh take on harmonic, melodic and/or rhythmic complexity.

Beyond that, he continues to strive for improvement as a musician, both fundamentally and artistically.